Learning together, living together:
A model worth emulating.

St. Catherine Senior High School was designed as a all-girls boarding school. Previously, there was no secondary school for girls in the Volta Region. Grades 10 to 12 teach a range of subjects including English, general science, mathematics, social studies, home economics, ethics and religion.
Headmistress Genevieve Afordofe is in charge of the school together with a team of 26 teaching staff, who all hold Bachelor or Master degrees.

The girls live on the campus together, where they have the freedom for personal development and improving social skills. Adding value to the school’s concept is the fact that the girls are able to learn without the burden of working at home. They are also sheltered from forming relationships with the opposite sex too early, unwanted pregnancies and from possible HIV infections.

These conditions improve their chances of obtaining good final marks and a recognised high school certificate. After grade 12 the young ladies of St. Catherine Senior High School leave the school and are able to enter the next phase of their lives confidencently. They either continue their studies or start a career.

Strong girls strengthen society

Democratic Ghana is a beacon of hope in West Africa. However, there are still considerable deficits in the field of education. Girls still face difficulties in attending school let alone attaining the equivalent of GCE A-level standard which is problematic when women, for the most part, are the providers for the family. Therefore, it is crucial for girls to attend secondary schools. A graduate certificate helps women alter their living circumstances. An education gives them substantial job qualifications, providing them with the ability to protect themselves and their children against poverty and disease. This strengthens the whole of Ghanaian society.