Committed and recognised in the region:
The diocese of Keta-Akatsi.

The Catholic diocese of Keta-Akatsi, under the leadership of Bishop Most Rev. Anthony Kwami Adanuty, has long provided for the needs of people in the region. It has first-hand knowledge of the problems concerning the education system in Ghana. The diocese runs several schools with 38,000 pupils in total, 156 nursery schools, two hospitals and its own AIDS projects. These have been facilitated by generous donations and non-governmental support.

Country-wide surveys and data allowed the Keta-Akatsi diocese identify the need for a private girls-only school that helps pupils achieve university or college entry qualifications.

  • State schools suffer from an acute shortage of teachers and are often ill-equipped
  • The existing schools are mostly mixed-sex and the drop-out rate for girls is high
  • The number of senior high schools in Ghana and particularly in the area covered by the diocese is inadequate
  • Pupils’ performance is substantially better at boarding schools than at state day schools
  • At all-girls schools the proportion of pupils attaining graduate certificates and their final grades is much higher than at mixed schools