We build school projects together with strong partners.

In 2009, HENN, a firm of international consultant architects, celebrated its 30th anniversary in Munich. They reflected on numerous projects in the field of education and learning, research and development. After three decades of creative productivity, the architectural firm hoped to leave a mark and become active with a cause, namely, children who were unable to go to school and had little chances for a life with basic standards. Sub-Saharan Africa alone has more than 29 million children growing up uneducation. In most cases, the means to build schools are lacking or parents are unable to afford education for their children.

Implementing change is what called AddYouCation into being – an association that supports school projects where they are needed most. Using our expertise as architects as well as our personal engagement on the ground we design and build schools.

Gunter Henn, the employees at HENN, friends and colleagues were able to raise the impressing sum of 150,000 euros which helped realise the construction of a school dormitory. The consultancy funded the all costs for organising and managing the work on site , a principle that applies to all our school projects our generous sponsors help us realise in Africa as well as in Europe.

First project: A girls’ school in Ghana

A meeting with photographer Joachim Schmeisser introduced us to a school project that was under way in Ghana but was halting due to financial reasons. In May 2009, Rainer Sladek, a partner at HENN, travelled to the West-African country where he met the project promoters and became familiar with the state of the design and the site. One thing became absolutely clear: We were convinced we could help here. This was the starting point of our first project – the St. Catherine Senior High School for girls.

Please support us! Children need education to ensure a secure future.